Black and White Tile

It seems like these days I can't get enough of this black and white tile combo. This is a selection that I'm putting together for a client. I love the mix of materials. We've got everything from a $1.99 porcelain tile to a tumbled marble subway tile that falls into a totally different category price wise. The cement tile in the lower left corner with the bold black and grey pattern is one of my new favorites! I think the art of great design must incorporate the use of high/low materials in a manner that is so seamless that you can't really tell the difference between the two. Which one is your favorite?

National Kissing Day

In honor of National Kissing Day, here's a puckered up pic of me and my beautiful daughter, Olivia! She's so full of fun and love and I'm blessed that occasionally she'll snap a kissy face selfie with her momma. We both do everything we can to keep our lips moisturized and full and we've tried every possible balm out there on the market...I mean we've exhausted it! A clear winner for us is Balm de Terry! Hands down this is a favorite for us both. This is a Hollywood cult favorite that instantly smooths and protects. Unlike some of the others we've tried it doesn't require a ton of reapplication and it doesn't hurt that it smells like roses and glides on like butter. Shiny but not sticky, I always have Baume de Terry in my makeup bag.

Custom Tile

I'm in love with this custom terra-cotta tile from Tabarka that I'm using for a client. This hand painted  Italian terra-cotta has a completely different hue than the Mexican terra-cotta that we usually see. With a pinker undertone as opposed to a true orange, this is gorgeous stuff. Tabarka truly allows for a custom experience in that you choose your tile and pic your glazing and colors. I'll be doing all of these tiles in shades of cream, pale gray, and charcoal. 

The Moroccan shaped tiles will fit together to form a gorgeous wall of field tile, capped by a custom chair rail to match. This will be the perfect choice for a glorious Master Bath in this custom

The four-piece pattern will be a fireplace surround, topped with a reclaimed wood mantle. 

The arabesque/lantern shape will cover an entire wall in the guest bath with a handmade copper sink top hung on top. It should be spectacular!

 I'm super excited for all of this to come together. I know the result is going to be amazing, and the best part is that it will be a one-of-a-kind installation. I can't wait to show you all the finished project!

Salle de Bains de la Petite Fille : The Little Gilrl's Bath

This little bath is going to be the perfect haven for two darling little princess'. I can already see a bathtub filled with bubbles and a little black stool pushed up to the cabinet for the brushing of teeth. Ten years from now, I know this style will hold just as true when these same young ladies are curling hair and putting on makeup and perfume! Time passes quickly and I always want my interiors to be absolutely timeless, transitioning with  the different seasons of life while retaining a look that still seems fresh years later. 

Enduring and classic were my thoughts as I created this little hand-set border. We used white hex tiles as the field tiles and then handmade these large daisy-rosettes that I used to form the boarder. The smaller daisies  were sprinkled throughout the center in a haphazard way that says..."Oops, I dropped my bouquet!" 

These custom pieces will be inlayed over the weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed floor next week. I love that this tile has a custom pattern and is a one-of-a kind! 


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