Louis Vuitton Series 2

For Valentine's Day, I was lucky enough to attend the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition. Temporarily showing in LA, this interactive exhibit allows you to walk through a gallery that recreates the feeling of actually being at an LV fashion show. Laser lights, mirrors and holograms set the mood. Music and lighting immerse you in the experience. If you can't get an invite to Fashion Week, this is definitely runner up! 
The LV Series 2 Exhibition is open through February 22, 2015 in Los Angeles. 

The exhibition is located in a warehouse on 
Highland Avenue in Los Angeles

Open everyday between 10 and 6.

 A couple of shots from the hallway of holograms.

You definitely feel like you're a part of the show!

Nothing like being up-close and personal with some vintage Vuitton!

"Backstage" at the show.

 This was actually a photograph recreated as wallpaper. So Cool!

This poster was a great take away from the exhibition. There's still a few days left to see the exhibit for yourself. Definitely a once in a lifetime!

If all of this is making you jones for your own piece of LV, let me suggest this little number:

The Noe BB Monogram Canvas LV Bag is a classic.

Home Staging

Check out my latest video on home staging. If you're thinking about selling your house this is a definite must-see. Follow my tips for making your house 

Martha at Macy's

How cute are Martha Stewart's new bedding sets from Macy's?? This is a new, fun, colorful, Martha like you've never seen her. I love the picture they are using in their ad that shows a photo of the young, fun, Martha from her modeling days. She was and is, such a beauty!

The concept for her Whim Collection is so clever! You choose the 5 items that you want to create your own 5 piece bedding set! This allows you to mix and match patterns creating a look that is completely unique to you! Martha is timeless and fresh all over again. Check out the full line at Macy's.

Coffee Table Madness

I'm always looking for the perfect coffee table for clients, 
so today I decided to include some of my favorites!

First up is the Parquet Reclaimed Wood Rectangular Coffee Table 
from Pottery Barn:

I love the rustic feeling of this. The open legs allow for the feeling of extended visual space and the large surface area is great for display. You'll have plenty of room all of those decorating books you want to stack up and a tray fits nicely on here with a candle and a decorative box to hold all of those television remotes.

Next on my list is this round, Carved Wood Coffee Table from West Elm. If your space is small and has lots of angles, something round is always nice to soften things.

Finally, If you're on a tight budget and still want a coffee table that has great style, why not consider the Aiden, from Cost Plus World Market? This industrial style coffee table has a an RH feeling at a discount price. The combination of metal and wood make it feel both modern and rustic at the same time. This is a slam dunk in terms of high style at a bargain price.


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