Awesome Ottomans From Target

I'm always in search of the perfect ottoman for my clients. I like an ottoman with a tray so much better than a coffee table. Believe it or not, these hip little numbers all came from Target and are really a great value if your looking to add a little ottoman style without breaking the bank.


At $179.99, this oval, brown leather ottoman is super-stylish and a steal!

Finding the Perfect Lampshade

Several months ago I acquired this beautiful alabaster lamp. I'd had seen a pair of these in the home of a client and went bananas for them. So, when a decorator friend of mine found this one for me, I was more than thrilled. The part that was not so thrilling was the broken shade. Even if the shade were in-tact, I probably would have replaced it. The scalloped shape was a little more victorian and fussy than I wanted. That being said, finding a new lampshade that was just right for this beautiful lamp was not such a simple endeavor.

How gorgeous is this alabaster base???

So many factors go into choosing the perfect shade: scale, style, color, material, and shape. I began my search at Target because they have such a large selection. Definitely bring your lamp. This is not an area where you can guess or imagine. You really need to see the shade on the lamp. This Threshold number was close, but a little too large and didn't have enough style.

I loved the modern feel of this Nate Berkus shade juxtaposed against the antique lamp but the liner was black, making the light it would give off too dark for my purposes.

This beautiful silk shade from Lamps Plus had a similar shape to the original without being as fussy. The size was proportionally correct for the lamp and the quality of the shade paid homage to the quality of the lamp. The cream color felt more sophisticated than the white shades that I had tried and it had the dressy look that I wanted for my living room. It was a match made in heaven! I'm so happy with what is now a trash-to-treasure of a lamp and know that there was great value in the process of choosing just the right shade.

Think about your own lamps. Could you change up some shades and create a new look?

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

I am loving all of the Mason Jar Lid pumpkins that I am seeing out there on Pinterest and thought that I'd share a few here. What I love about this craft is the versatility of it. It starts with all of the same simple parts: Mason Jar lids and twine, but it's the way you choose to adorn it that really makes this craft personal and unique! If you know me or are a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I'm a neutrals girl. Even for the holidays, I don't stray to far from my basic pallet. This craft can be completed using several different embellishment techniques that keep it neutral and yet are still pretty original. 
Check it out:

Step by step for any of these Mason Jar Pumpkins

I adore this look with the book pages glued onto the cream painted lids. This would be my first choice for my own home. The cinnamon sticks make a great stem.

Loving the black painted lids with Spanish moss for a spookier feeling!

Just the addition of the burlap leaf and cinnamon sticks make this pumpkin a winner.

Finally if you're more of a traditionalist, this orange pumpkin really stands out with the strand of lights tucked inside!

All images are from Pinterest and not my own.

Fall Inspiration

I'm feeling very Fall these days and I love walking through my house and seeing my table set with a beautiful Fall vignette. I took this photo in a lovely little shop in Ohio, but this scape could easily duplicated in your own home with some very simple items. I liked this table runner so much that I bought it right off the table! I plan on draping it sideways, across my own table, exactly as was done here. A strand of Fall leaves from Michael's, a few accessories from Homegoods, and this glass vase and flameless candle from Target, and you're set. The pheasant feathers add a nice finishing touch! 

Love this table runner!

I just had this Tazo Chai Pumpkin Tea at a Bible study luncheon. It was amazing! It can be purchased at Starbucks. If you can imagine the taste of a fresh slice of pumpkin pie, you can imagine the taste of this tea. With a little organic sugar, it felt like I was having dessert! I'm planning on just boiling up a few of the bags to scent my house. It's truly heavenly!

Here's a pic from the floral case at Bristol Farms. I adore these little bouquets in Mason Jars. This would also be a super-simple little DIY with Trader Joe's or grocery store flowers. Take the tin cap off the Mason Jar, add your flowers and some raffia and you've got a gorgeous bouquet to keep or giveaway.


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